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We are not your regular lifestyle brand. We’re a modern-day guide to all things feminine – Become the feminine woman you’ve always wanted to be.

Join Lady University and begin growing into a woman who attracts high-caliber men, high value friendships, earned respect and self-confidence! 

Lady University is for like-minded women with the sole purpose of living the life you’ve always dreamt while connecting with like-minded high-value women.

Positivity is welcomed. We love and respect everyone. Please respect the sisters' privacy in our community and refrain from sharing postings/messages outside of this community. We've created a safe place where we promote uplifting, encouraging, and supporting each other. Let's enjoy and keep it feminine! 

Our Vision

With a social community of over 10,000 diverse women our sisterhood aims to connect with other like-minded women, sharing our growth on becoming evolved women, while learning through the success stories of our sisters. 

Through our guidance, women will learn to embrace the lost art of femininity – growing into a woman who attracts high-caliber men, high value friendships, earned respect and self-confidence!
We are devoted to being a positive impact to society encouraging women to use the power of femininity to enhance every part of their life.

Sisterhood Perks?

There are so many reasons to be a part of Lady University's community. Depending on the Tuition Sisterhood Plan* you choose, you can gain access to: 

• AN ACTIVE COMMUNITY FOR WOMEN This is not another annoying Facebook group. It's an interactive community that connects you with other members in your area. 

• LIVE ZOOM MONTHLY BOOK CLUB SOCIALS, where we discuss all things feminine with books, TV shows, films, quotes, etc. You are guaranteed to enhance your femininity. 

• Q&A GIRL TALK sessions where I give advice and share learning experiences about evolving as a woman from relationship tips, cooking, fitness, lifestyle, dating & marriage, and more! 

• FREE/DISCOUNTED ACCESS TO EVENTS where we host teleclasses and workshops online and also in-person.

• ACCESS TO LOCKED CONTENT, where we share exclusive tips and tricks to being the lady you've always dreamt of becoming.

• ELIGIBILITY TO MENTOR GIRLS in our 'Mentor Like a Lady' little sister organization. Become an active member of our elite mentoring program for girls ages 8-17. 

 A SAFE PLACE community of women who celebrate womanhood, your personal and professional wins. Through challenging transitions, women who will motivate you and be your accountability partner through your evolution womanhood! 

• BE FEATURED on our Business Circle Page on Lady University's Blog Site.

• OPPORTUNITIES TO SPONSOR your business with Lady University's social media platform and/or site and share your products and services with over 20,000 followers. 

*Our Business Membership is coming soon!


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